Danish Design Dual Time Watches

danish design dual time

For your upcoming travel stories, please consider Danish Design dual-time watches, the perfect accessory for travelers looking for a trendy time piece! As a high-quality Scandinavian watch and accessory company with a contemporary twist, the dual-time watches incorporate both the functionality of a luxury watch with a minimalist structure. Incorporating various case materials, water resistant features, strap textures, and features, these watches are perfect for travelers and watch lovers everywhere.

About Danish Design

The creation of Danish Design watches began in 1988 when S. Weisz Uurwerken BV found a gap in the market. The demand of modern designs was high and especially the choices in design watches was very limited. One of the first Danish Designs was by designer Jan Egeberg. For more information, please contact Rebecca Winship  at rebecca@blinkpr.com.

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